Rathore Research Group


Rathore Research Group
Lab: Wehr Chemistry Building, 638
Lab Phone: (414) 288-2076
E-mail: rajendra.rathore@mu.edu


The research in our group focuses on the design and synthesis of electro-active organic molecules that can be used as molecular devices, such as sensors,switches, wires, ferromagnets, semiconductors, and other electronic and optoelectronic devices. Our research programintegrates thedisciplines of synthetic organicchemistry, molecular recognition, material science, solid state electronics, and biology with the ultimate aim of construction higher order organic materials that will find practical applications in the emerging field of nanotechnology as well as in biomaterial applications.

Research Projects

The research projects which are currently being pursued in my group consists of several independent but highly interrelated projects that are best summarized as follows:

Current and Former Group Members

Current Undergraduate Students: Current Graduate Students:
Johnson, Ross S. Deselnicu, Mihaela I.
  Burns, Carrie L.
  Abdelwahed, Sameh H.
Former Group Members:  
Kitzke, Christopher M.
(June 10, 2001 to August 10, 2001)

Group Responsibilities/Group Meetings

Office: Wehr Chemistry Building, 638
Phone: (414) 288-2076
E-mail: rajendra.rathore@marquette.edu

Group Meeting Schedule

Responsibilities and Duties


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