Wilkie Research Group


Wilkie Research Group
Office: Wehr Chemistry Building, 601
Lab: Wehr Chemistry Building, 638
Office Phone: 414 288-7239
Lab Phone: (414) 288-7772
E-mail: charles.wilkie@marquette.edu

Research Projects

Our work is focused on fire retardancy and polymer degradation. Topics in these general areas which we have investigated over the past twenty years include: 1) the effect of additives on the thermal degradation of poly(methyl methacrylate) and poly(ethylene terephthalate); 2) Thermogravimetric analysis - coupled to Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, TGA/FTIR, to understand the pathway of thermal degradation for a variety of polymers; 3) Graft copolymerization, both for its inherent interest and as a tool to enhance thermal and fire stability of polymers; 4) the correlation between cross-linking and thermal and fire stability; 5) Friedel-Crafts chemistry to enhance the thermal stability of styrenics; and 6) nanocomposite technology, both to better understand the structure - property relationships involved and particularly to use this to better enhance thermal and fire stability. The links indicated in this list will take you to publications from this group in each of the areas. In addition, we have been active contributors to edited books and also active in editing books. This link will take you to these contributions.

groupWe continue to be active in most of these areas, including the use of TGA/FTIR, nanocomposite technology, and fire retardancy of polyureas, which are novel materials with excellent antiblast properties but which are very flammable. Our laboratory is reasonable well-equipped for studies of thermal and fire stability, a listing of the equipment can be found from this link.

There are active collaborations with Evagelos Manias at Penn State University, Kenneth Mauritz at the University of Southern Mississippi, Serge Bourbigot at Lille, Giovanni Camino at Turin, Jianqi Wang at the Beijing Institute of Technology, Shengpei Su at Hunan Normal University, Yuan Hu at University of Science and Technology of China and the researchers at NIST.

Office: Wehr Chemistry Building, TW 638
Office Phone: 414 288-7239
Lab number: Wehr Chemistry Building, TW 605
Lab Phone: 414 288-7772
Email: charles.wilkie@mu.edu


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