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To reserve experiment time with the NMR spectrometer, please sign up below:

CPFM NMR Spectrometer Sign-up Form

(See fee structure below)
First/last name:
Type of experiment(s) you plan to run:
Date needed:
Time needed:
Do you need help from the NMR facility manager?
Yes (I know how the use the spectromenter, but need help with initial        set up)
Yes (I don't know how to use the spectrometer. Can the manager to        run all experiments for me?)
Special request (for example, heteronuclei, special probe, etc):
Instrument (600; 400; 300 MHz):

Fee Structure (300, 400, 600 MHz)*:  
Internal users (and major users): $2.5/hr
External academic users: $5/hr
Industrial users: $75/hr
Flow probe service NMR (0.02 mL samples; at least 1 mM in d6-DMSO or D2O):
Academic: $5/1D (1H, 13C, 15N)
Industrial: $25/1D $250/2D
* Additional fees may apply if you need the facility manager to assist or run experiments for you. Fees are currently the same for all magnets.


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