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We would like to invite you to meet the personnel of Marquette Chemistry who are the strength of the department. We have eighteen faculty, including two laboratory coordinators for undergraduate general chemistry and organic chemistry and two staff scientists who run the X-ray and NMR facilities. In addition we have three staff members who help us to fulfill the mission of the department, which is to provide the best education that we can for our students. On the individual biography pages, we show the qualifications of the individuals and some listing of their activities.

An alphabetical listing of everyone in the department, including graduate students and postdoctoral associates, can be found in our department phonebook.

Faculty News:

Chae Yi

Promotion of Dr. Chae Yi to Professor

This Spring Dr. Chae Yi was promoted to full professor.  Dr. Yi joined the department in the fall of 1993, and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2000.  His area of research is inorganic chemistry, and has been teaching undergraduate/graduate courses in that area.   His publication record includes over 46 publications in inorganic chemistry, most of them in American Chemical Society journals.  He recently received an NSF grant studying catalytic C-H bond activation reactions.  This work will develop new "green" catalytic processes that will give desired products efficiently without forming wasteful byproducts under environmentally compatible conditions.

Promotion of Drs. Babikov and Gardinier to Associate Professor and Dr. Raj Rathore to Professor

This spring, Dr. Dmitri Babikov and Dr. James Gardinier were promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.  These early promotions were in recognition of their very productive research programs and teaching accomplishments.  Both faculty members joined the department in the fall of 2004.  Dr. Babikov’s research has been in the area of theoretical physical chemistry.  He has been teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in physical chemistry, as well as general chemistry.  He is currently receiving funding from the National Science Foundation and the Air Force.  Dr. Gardinier’s research has been in inorganic chemistry, which is being funded by the National Science Foundation.  He has been teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in inorganic chemistry and general chemistry. 

Dr. Rajendra Rathore was also promoted this spring to Professor.  He joined the department in the fall of 2000, and was promoted to Associate Professor in the spring of 2005.  His area of research is organic chemistry, and has been teaching graduate/undergraduate courses in that area.  To date, he has over 100 publications in organic chemistry, including a recent publication in the prestigious journal, Science.  In 2004, he received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, who also funded his latest project on the design and synthesis of molecular wires. 


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