A search committee has been named for the next chief of police.

Rana Altenburg, vice president for public affairs, and Mike Broeker, deputy athletic director, are the co-chairs of the search committee.

See who is on the search committee.



Search committee to review candidate pool and identify semi-finalists.


Search committee to interview semi-finalists off-campus.

Search committee to recommend finalists to Dave Lawlor.

Finalists to visit campus and meet a diverse and representative group of the Marquette community. Participants in finalists visits will be invited to provide online feedback to the committee.

Committee will review feedback from the finalist visits.

Committee will make recommendations to Dave Lawlor.

Dave Lawlor will make offer and hire new Chief.



Dave Lawlor formed search committee

June 8

Search committee first meeting to receive charge from Dave Lawlor and discuss search process. Focus on inviting campus and community colleagues to listening sessions.

July 9

Search committee meeting to provide input regarding qualities and characteristics Marquette should seek in next chief and to review search process.


Position posted on:

  • International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA)
  • American Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU)
  • Marquette University Employment Page
  • Wisconsin Law Enforcement Network
  • National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
  • Indeed.com
  • LinkedIN (Individual Status Updates on LinkedIN directing candidates to our employment page)
  • Department Workforce Development (DWD)

Finalization of Opportunity and Challenge Profile based on input received from listening sessions.

Opportunity and Challenge Profile posted and used to recruit candidates.

Active position recruitment to develop a diverse candidate pool.

Past Listening Sessions

June 13

Near West Side Partners Board

June 21

All faculty and staff

July 9

Search Committee

July 11

All faculty and staff


July 12

Parents Leadership Council

July 13

NWSP Safety Working Team

July 16

Near West Side Partners NeON

July 24


July 31

Students of color

All students

August 1

University Leadership Council