RCIA Team 2012-2013

RCIA team members serve collaboratively as small group facilitators, presenters, and prayer leaders. If you want to get to know the members of the RCIA team, check out their profiles below!

RCIA team

2012-2013 RCIA team members:

Jack Turek
History Major
Forest Park, IL
1st Year on the Team

“I really got excited about RCIA ministry when I attended Easter Vigil mass and watched people become new members of the Catholic Church. Being able to accompany and guide people on their journey to becoming members of the Church is the thing that most excites me about serving in RCIA ministry.”

Thomas Tulp, Jr.
History & Theology Major
Rutherford, NJ
1st Year on the Team

“It is a way in which my faith can grow by coming back to the basics of what defines me. I hope that it can be an experience that helps me to learn to love my faith in a new and formal way.”

Emma Scuglik
Theology and Social Welfare & Justice Major
Waukegan, IL
3rd Year on the team

“RCIA seemed to choose me more than I chose to be involved. After seeing the signs up around campus to join the team, I couldn't get it out of my mind. It is such a unique blessing to be able to walk with someone and share my faith with them as they grow closer to God. It doesn't get much better than feeling God working through my life to bring others closer to Him.”

Kayla Schwieterman
Nursing Major
Maria Stein, OH
1st Year on the Team

“I just think about my religion teachers from high school and how they made me see Catholicism through a different light by their understandings. Im excited that I will not only continually learn more but also ignite that light in others with what Ive experienced.”

Casey Martinez
Nursing Major
Prior Lake, MN
1st Year on the Team

“I feel like sharing my faith with others is what makes it stronger faith is not meant to be hidden but to shine for all to see.”

Melissa Malloy
Biomedical Sciences Major
New Berlin, WI
1st Year on the Team

“I participated in RCIA myself last year. My experience helped me grow tremendously spiritually and emotionally. I want to be there to support other students who are embarking on this journey to develop an incredible relationship with God.”

Jennifer Leahy
Elementary Education & Spanish Major
Deerfield, IL
1st Year on the Team

“Being able to connect with other people wanting to become more connected with their faith, providing assistance and guidance to those looking to be welcomed into the church, being a face for the active members of the church.”

Patricia Larkin
Nursing Major
Naperville, IL
2nd Year on the Team

“Helping someone on their journey to a deeper faith and relationship with God is exciting for me. I think my faith is strengthened when I share it with others. After helping I found my spirit reignited and the desire to grow deeper in my faith was amplified.”

Trevor Gundlach
Theology & Philosophy Major
Racine, WI
1st Year on the Team

“it will reiterate within myself the importance of my faith, and by reviewing the simple framework of faith, I can continue to build off of that to become deeper in my faith.”


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