Manresa Project Summary

Marquette University 2002+


I Inner sphere: a program to develop a direct ministry relationship working with students who either enter Marquette or along the way develop an interest in church ministry as life’s work: All components will include theological reflection.

      1. Christian Leadership Program
        1. Retreats for incoming students identified by high schools, parishes and congregations (35 students each fall plus four student team leaders)
        2. A "Leaven" program--Dinner discussions with guest speakers to explore vocational choices of faculty, alumni and other leaders in our churches and community (for 70-100 students)
      2. Manresa Scholars: academic studies with experience of ministry both on campus and in nearby parishes, congregations, or church related agencies (for junior and senior students, 4 full-tuition scholarships will be given each year)
      3. Internships in ministry: field experience plus supervision which can help model church service and cement a commitment of a young adult to ministry (for 2 individuals each year who already have completed undergraduate studies)
      4. II. Infrastructure: Recognizing that peer educators, faculty, other advisors, associate deans, career services, counseling center and ministry team, student affairs professionals and all who advise students would benefit with some education to ask different questions or provide a different focus to their work with students the program will offer a series of initiatives to bring the questions of vocation, discernment, and values forward.

      5. Peer educator training: orientation staff, RA staff, retreat leaders, counseling center para-professionals etc. (an estimated more than 600 a year will be involved)
      6. Half day workshops on vocation discernment and advising which would be offered for anyone who advises students (more than 60 advisors each year)
      7. Faculty workshops to provide that vocation discernment dimension coupled with a grant fund to assist faculty in developing or enhancing courses which might more directly incorporate reflections, readings, and assignments to help students look more deeply at the question of how they are called by God to use their gifts and talents in service of the world’s hungers and needs. (Possibility of 16 courses a year)
      8. Two national conferences that specifically tie in the faith and justice mission of a Jesuit University with a broader sense of vocation. Out of these conferences a body of literature will be published.
      9. III. General culture programs

      10. Freshmen reading program: initial focus shared by all freshmen (more than 8,000 students) over 5 years.
      11. A Manresa Speaker Series: bringing well-known figures to campus who are articulate in talking about faith, commitment, answering God’s call, building a just world, living moral lives and lives of integrity
      12. Manresa Retreat Fund: Marquette already has a retreat policy in place allowing each employee to take up to two days each year for a spiritual retreat. To encourage better use of this benefit, the fund will provide financial support to attend an extended retreat experience to build the core of individuals who have taken time within their own lives for reflection, and prayer, and grappling with the question of their own vocations (15 each year)

IV, Assessment

K. Evaluation of the program in surveys, focus groups, and interviews by both students and faculty/staff will not only be an assessment tool but also part of the educational process of the project

L. Compiling evaluative materials and tracking the progress of the project itself will create opportunities for literature about discernment processes in multiple academic and professional areas.

For more information contact Dr. Susan Mountin at 288-3693. The project will be housed in the 707 building Room 332. The Manresa Project is part of the offerings of the Office of Mission and Identity.