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“I started off thinking I was doing a project, but ended up learning so much about myself and all types of families that will really help me with my future career.”

A Discussion of Gay Identity and Parents Coming
out to their Children

Adolescents and Divorce: How Factors, Such As Coping and Feeling “Caught” Between Parents
Affect Teens Throughout the Process of Divorce

Grandparents and Grandchildren: How Intergenerational Family Relationships Shape Ourselves, Our Family, and Society

Then and Now: The Experience of Anorexia Nervosa
in 1980 Versus Present Day

The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Adult Functioning: A Case Study

Living Environments for Adult Children with Disabilities: Not Always a Clear Answer

Diversifying Family: International Older Child Adoption
and its Effects

The Effects of Spousal Conflict on Children's Development

Children's Conflict with Immigrant Parents

The Impact of Divorce: From the Home to the Classroom

Viewer Discretion: An In-Depth Look at the Role of Fathers on TV

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