Marquette University incoming freshman, Chelsea Henderson, who turned 18 while attending the Urban Journalism Workshop, is confident that UJW will benefit her, even if she doesn’t chose to be a journalist. 

“By learning more about writing in journalism I am able to expand my strengths so I won’t just be writing in one area. It gives me the ability to expand my job opportunities and meet people that I wouldn’t normally talk to,” Henderson said.

Henderson, who is in the process of writing novels, said:

“The most difficult part of journalism writing is that I can’t use fictional characters. If it was up to me, I would have werewolves and other creatures in my articles to make it more creative.”

Henderson lives in Milwaukee where she graduated from Milwaukee High School of the Arts, and was a member of the Poetry Slam team as well as the high school vocal jazz group.

“I love being a part of vocal jazz because some of our songs are so good that it creates a magical moment when we perform,” Henderson said.

As far as her secrets to be successful in any of her hobbies, Henderson said, “I always think that you have to be willing to do the work. I wouldn’t be anywhere if I didn’t step on stage and perform for others. Being quiet would take me nowhere.”

According to Henderson, the feeling of achieving her goals was unlike any other feeling.

“As soon as I achieve my goals I start shaking, probably because I just feel disbelief that I did it,” Henderson said.

Nathan Kolker | UV

Chelsea Henderson
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI