Frank E. Owens aspires to be a graphic designer for a freelance company somewhere far from his frigid hometown of Milwaukee.

Although, not having much interest in journalism, Owens attended the Urban Journalism Workshop (UJW) at Marquette University in hopes of discovering a better liking for writing and more practice with his love: photography.

Not convinced of his talent in writing, although many teachers have affirmed and appraised his gift, Owens hopes to improve that talent.

Describing himself as “confident, caring, emotional, and optimistic,” he participates in numerous activities such as track and field, volleyball and multi-cultural club at Pius XI High School in Milwaukee but his true passion for graphic design and photography strongly appears in his personality.

“I love being able to express myself through my art of photography,” he said.

A big brother to four younger siblings (Arianna 10; Jaden 8; Julian 6, and Bryson 5) Owens seeks out quiet and alone time, which he fills with photography. In hopes that UJW will provide more experience with photography to help his graphic design, Owens is “excited to attend UJW and get to know others who are interested for my passion.”

The 15 year old strongly embraces his family’s history and culture. Owens has duel citizenship with America and Panama, where half of his family lives and where he spent two weeks of his summer to go to school and learn Spanish.

However, when asked about his fluency in Spanish Owens timidly responded, “I’m fluent-ish.” 

His hero, Malcolm X, illustrates Owens’ pacifist views, specifically, about the Civil Rights movements and racism.

  “Although you may sacrifice lives, in the end Malcolm X’s ideals would make the fight immediately worthwhile.”

Katie M. | UV

Frank Elijah Owens
Pius XI High School
Milwaukee, WI