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Milwaukee Public Schools will not lay off any teachers this fall and will add new teachers for arts, music and physical education.

The district was able to save jobs by reducing health insurance costs allowing the schools to use that money to hire back individuals and restore programs that were eliminated, according to Roseann St. Aubin, communication director for Milwaukee Public Schools.

St. Aubin also announced approval of a budget for art, music and physical education (AMPs). This means that some MPS schools will restore at least one of these classes.

However, she pointed out that all MPS schools may not bring AMPs back into the school because principals can make their own decisions to add programs and hire teachers based on the budget given to that particular school. 

“The superintendent said that I am giving you enough funding back where we can provide at least two days of this special instruction a week,” said St. Aubin.

That decision was based on public demand.

“We took a survey prior to the budget being released and at least 900 people wanted to preserve specialty programming, art, music and physical education in public schools,” said St. Aubin, who believes that art can attract students back into school.

“Parents will often make their choices of schools based on what the school can offer,” said Christina Flood, interim executive director of curriculum and instruction.

Commenting on recent budget concerns and cuts, St. Aubin said, “we try to keep the cuts away from the classrooms as much as possible although it may seem that the AMPs programs are the most targeted.”

Even with the budget cuts some schools dodged eliminating special programs by allowing volunteers such as Arts @ Large to teach their students.

St. Aubin also stated that MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton is focused on making sure that every school in the district receives the same offerings.

“The same kids on the north side should be able to receive the same education as the kids on the south side,” said St. Aubin. | UV


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“Parents will often make their choices of schools based on what the school can offer” ~ St. Aubin

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