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            Super fan: Mickey Herbert, 67, former minor league baseball team owner.

Reluctant fan: Katie Lorino, 31, dragged to the game by her husband.

New fan: Cindy Osbourne, 60, in Milwaukee for a business conference.

They were all part of the 36, 334 who attended a recent Milwaukee Brewers- Toronto Blue Jays game at Miller Park.

“I would say I’m a super fan because I used to own a minor league baseball team in Bridgeport, Connecticut and a lot of my players ended up playing for the Brewers,” said Herbert.

Herbert persuaded friends to attend the game with him, a perfect example of a diehard enthusiast. 

Lorino’s husband persuaded her to come to the game because he and their children wanted to attend. Because they bought cheap tickets she tagged along. But, Lorino, of Milwaukee, admitted she liked the experience and would come to another Brewer game.

Osbourne from New Orleans is another convert.

“This is my first game, and I’m very excited for the first pitch because I’ve never been to a major league ball game,” said Osbourne.

Osbourne said she came to Milwaukee for a business conference and wanted to add the Brewer experience as part of this trip.

She was not the only one who enjoyed the game.

Families, friends, and teenagers filled the stands in hopes of seeing a Brewers victory. That part of the experience was a disappointment. The Brewers lost 9-8.

But everyone still seemed to have fun.

Mark Kaeding, 53, from Eau Claire, said he likes coming to two to four games a year and especially enjoys Carlos Gomez’ enthusiasm, and Niger Morgan’s personality.

“I’m always supporting the Brewers because I’ve lived in Wisconsin all of my life, and you have to support your home team,” said Kaeding.

Les Schoeman, 52, from Waterloo, agreed.

“We get mad at them when they do bad base running, but we stick with them just like a family member, and we’ll always take them back.”

Even though the Brewers struggle to win as many game as they lose. | UV


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“This is my first game, and I’m very excited for the first pitch because I’ve never been to a major league ball game.” ~ Osbourne (new fan from New Orleans)