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            A large farm is coming to Milwaukee.

But the last remaining land zone for agriculture will be too small and so, Growing Power will create a five-story farm immediately west of its present operation at 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr.

The structure is expected to be completed in three years.

Growing Power has been providing fruits and vegetables to the community, since 1993, but expansion has used up all available space.

“We can not expand out anymore, only up,” said Sarah Wisniewski, the Milwaukee facility manager.

The building will have five floors that will include four greenhouses, a store and fishery and will be covered in glass and solar panels.

The main floor will consist of the market, fishery and the main entrance with elevators and stairs.

The farm will allow Growing Power to expand its staff from the present 35 and provide more internships for youths and adults. The staff will also be able to produce and provide more fruits, vegetables and fish for the community to go along with its present organic store.

According to information in Growing Power’s description:

“ The new vertical farm will expand and improve the year-round indoor retail space selling fresh, nutritious, and affordable food. In addition, the vertical farm will create an active outdoor market area and become a community gathering place for work, learning, and social activities.”

The farm will be designed by Kubala Washatko Architects of Cedarburg, which designed the Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, which according to the architects, is the first building recognized by the United States Green Building Council as carbon neutral. | UV


Urban farm will tower over Silver Spring|Jasmine Carr

The new vertical farm will expand and improve the year-round indoor retail space. ~ Growing Power