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Milwaukee Public Schools will not lay off any teachers this fall and will add new teachers for arts, music and physical education.

The district was able to save jobs by reducing health insurance costs allowing the schools to use that money to hire back individuals and restore programs that were eliminated, according to Roseann St. Aubin, communication director for Milwaukee Public Schools.



MPS finds funds to retain teachers

A multimedia publication of the Dow Jones Newspaper funded workshop for High School students


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Brewer Fans

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Eugene Kane

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High rise urban farm

A large farm is coming to Milwaukee.

But the last remaining land zone for agriculture will be too small...read more

100 miles of bike paths?

Milwaukee will have more than 100 miles of bike lanes along city streets by the end of this year...read more

Builder follows Disney

Creativity is the mind’s way of displaying the vivid world of imagination.

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Multiple sites for tax payments

State Senator Spencer Coggs, Milwaukee’s new city treasurer, wants to streamline operations....read more

Residents aid development

The $88 million Westlawn housing project renovation taking place on Milwaukee’s northwest side ... read more

Efforts to reduce the number of teen moms in Milwaukee are on track.

That’s the conclusion of those who have used shock advertising, social marketing, and sex education to lower alarmingly high levels of teen pregnancies.

These include United Way of Greater Milwaukee, Serve Marketing, and Pearls for Teen Girls, a nonprofit that works with at-risk teens and Geoffrey Swain, medical director of the Milwaukee Health Department.


Teen birthrate down in city

UCC Fitness

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Homeless Sheltered

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