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Milwaukee will have more than 100 miles of bike lanes along city streets by the end of this year, according to the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

“The goal is to make bicycling more attractive to a variety of people,” said Dave Schlabowske, federation communication director. “Sixty percent of people will ride if they had safer lanes to ride on.”

“Eleven years ago, the city of Milwaukee had 10 or 13 miles of bike lanes,” he said.

New bike lanes are planned for North 12th Street from Wisconsin Avenue to North Avenue, and St. Paul Street from 2nd Street to 25th Street.

Added Schlabowske: “I want to create communities that are safe for 8 to 80 year olds. I want kids to ride safe to and from school, playgrounds, and friends house. I want grown-ups feeling safe riding to work, store, and the café. Ideally, everybody should feel safe riding a bike anywhere they go.”

The federation also strives to increase the number of off-street bike trails. There are currently 178 off-street trails. The federation also provides protective trails blocked off by rails, walls, and gates to create a safe environment.  | UV


Group predicts 100 miles of bike paths| Quinton Green

“The goal is to make bicycling more attractive to a variety of people.” ~ Schlabowske

Video by Brooke Miller