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Modifications to Marquette Core Revision Proposal

The Core Proposal Modification Committee reviewed input from college sessions and from suggestions submitted via email to Several faculty and staff submitted a broad range of ideas, comments and feedback. The engagement across campus provided an excellent opportunity for reflection upon the Core and modifications that will allow students to achieve the learning outcomes. The Modifications Committee made two revisions to the proposal based on the feedback. In addition to the feedback, the Modifications Committee considered each suggestion in the context of Core learning outcomes, the totality of the proposed curriculum itself, requirements of each college, and relevant data that has been gathered throughout the entire revision process.

Two modifications were made to the proposal:

  1. Specification that Theology and Philosophy departments will have primary responsibility for delivering the culminating course. These departments will collaborate with the Core Committee to ensure that the course aligns with larger Core expectations. This specification comes out of several responses and questions regarding a larger understanding of  expectations associated with Marquette's Jesuit, Catholic mission and identity. Given the essential connections between Philosophy and Theology in the Catholic Jesuit tradition, and the traditional role of Theology as an integrative discipline in the Jesuit University, the specification that these departments will be primarily responsible for delivering the culminating tier course directly addresses these concerns. However, other departments are not excluded from  participating in the culminating  course. In addition, identifying the course with specific units will allow for greater consistency in delivery, addressing concerns about the student learning experience at this level of the Core.

  1. Writing Intensive, Writing Instruction Requirement Added

    Across the different college listening sessions and in feedback sent to the committee, many faculty voiced greater support for increased time devoted to writing, writing instruction and writing revision. Beyond including writing assignments across core courses, and given the campus's support for writing as a key Core outcome, it was suggested that a second level writing requirement be added. This writing intensive requirement may be fulfilled via specific advanced writing courses, the use of course embedded tutors or other qualified experiences. The requirement can be fulfilled within the Core or outside of the Core, i.e. a course in the major.

For more information,please see college meeting summaries and details on the Modifications Committee's recommendations.

View revised Core proposal with modifications.and updated Core Graphic.

Task Forces Submit Proposal for Revised Core & Seek Campus Input

The four Core Revision Task Forces charged with developing a proposal for a revised Marquette Core presented their proposal to Provost Dan Myers in early Februray. Dan Myers approved moving forward with the proposal. The next step in the Core Revision process is to engage in a campuswide discussion of the proposal. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to review the proposal and share thoughts about what might make this proposed curriculum even stronger. Feedback may be sent via email to by Monday 2/20.

Campus feedback will be evaluated by a committee composed of members from each of the task forces to determine what, if any, modifications would improve the Core proposal. The committee will present its recommendations to the Provost, and then beginning in March, the proposal will be reviewed by the Core Curriculum Review Committee, the University Board of Undergraduate Studies and the University Academic Senate.

View full Marquette Core Proposal

View Proposal Appendices

View Graphic of Proposal with Learning Outcomes

View Core Proposal Modification Committee


Core Revision Timeline


May 2015

President Mike Lovell & Provost Dan Myers issue charge for the Core of Common Studies Review process. View Charge

May 2015

Core Revision Facilitation Group named (Dr. Lowell Barringon, Dr. Sarah Feldner & Dr. Lars Olson). View News Brief

August - September 2015

Listening sessions with colleges. Faculty input on what goals of Core should be and what Core should accomplish for student learning. View College Summaries

October 2015

Faculty Survey 1 - Open ended responses focused on identifying essential skills and knowledge for undergraduates across the university. View Summary of Survey Results

October 2015

Open call to faculty, students, staff, and alumni to propose learning outcomes that embody the priorities established in survey 1. View Survey Results

November 2015

Faculty Survey 2 - Faculty support for learning outcomes. View Survey Results

December 2015

Kickoff event for faculty workgroups to propose Core frameworks. See Call for Proposals

February 2016

15 proposals received from campus community. Teams included participation for every undergraduate college. View Proposals

March - May 2016

Framework proposals considered by committees within Marquette’s faculty governance structure.

Summary from Board of Undergraduate Studies and Core of Common Studies Review Committee

Summary from Academic Senate

May 2016

Provost reviews feedback and sends team to the AACU Institute for Integrated Learning.

June 2016

New director of the Core of Common Studies named - Dr. Sarah Feldner. View News Brief

June 2016

Team of Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Core Director, Core Revision Facilitation Group, and Director of Center for Teaching Learning consult with higher education experts at the AACU Institute for Integrated Learning on how to move forward with the research of the past year View info on AACU institute

August 2016

Provost Update on Core Revision announcing Core Outcomes and Framework

View Announcement

View Outcomes and Structure

September 2016

Provost names task forces to continue work on Core Revision

October & November 2016

Campuswide listening sessions with task forces

February 2017

Task forces present proposal for revised Marquette Core to Provost

View ProposalView Proposal Appendices

February 2017

Campus update from Provost.

View announcement

February 2017

Campus discussions about Core Proposal & opportunities for feedback

Feedback reviewed by Provost appointed Core Proposal Modification Committee

March & April 2017

Consideration of Core Revisions by Core Curriculum Review Committee, University Board of Undergraduate Studies, and University Academic Senate


Task Force Progress

The task forces are wrapping up work on initial drafts of their progress during the week of December 19th. These preliminary reports will be shared with the campus community during the early weeks of the spring semester. Minutes and updates are posted on the Task Force Page.


Listening Sessions for Core Revision Task Forces

During the month of November, each task force held a listening session to share ideas from ongoing work. Summaries from these sessions can be found on the Task Force Page.


Task Force Updates

In order for the campus community to remain informed on the ongoing work of task forces, a new page has been established that will include updates. This page includes task force member lists, a summary of current discussion, and minutes from meetings.

For updates on the Task Forces: Visit the Task Force Page


Provost Names Core Revision Task Forces

Provost Dan Myers has named four task forces who will work to provide details for Marquette’s revised Core curriculum. Each task force will address a specific tier of the Core curriculum. The task forces' work will be guided by the following questions:

    • 1. What course design(s) will allow for students to accomplish/fulfill the learning outcomes?
    • 2. How can the expertise of the contributing disciplines be tied to an integrative experience for students?
    • 3. How will course design be made meaningful and relevant to today’s students? That is, how will students know that this course (content, methods, teaching approaches) matters and is necessary in their lives, professions and communities?

    Each task force will host a listening session during the fall semester to hear faculty input. Listening sessions will be announced in Marquette Today (formerly News Briefs). In addition, all faculty are encouraged to speak directly with task force members to share ideas. Minutes and updates from the task forces will be posted throughout the semester on the Core Revision Website.

    See complete list of Task Force Membership.

    See charge for task forces.


Core Revision Recap from 2015 - 2016

The Core revision process is moving into its second year. In its first year, inputs from the entire campus community contributed to the establishment of six integrated learning outcomes and an accompanying curricular structure that will provide a path for students to achieve these outcomes.
The Core learning outcomes are designed to prepare students to address complex challenges in a diverse world and to be able to think across disciplinary experiences. The outcomes call for an integrated approach to learning, and a Core structure that has three tiers:

  1. Foundational Courses taken in the first two years that will emphasize the foundations of Jesuit education that will allow students to address 21st century questions
  2. Discovery Courses taken in the second, third and fourth year. Interconnected coursework around a key question or theme. Clustered courses from multiple disciplines will draw upon learning in the foundational courses to address a common theme or problem.
  3. A Culminating Experience taken in the third or fourth year that provides students with an experiential learning opportunity that connects Core learning with disciplinary contexts.

The outcomes and framework were derived from campus listening sessions, faculty surveys, proposals from across campus, and feedback from faculty governance committees. To learn more about the process through which the outcomes and framework emerged, review the timeline below which includes links to relevant data and information.



About the revision

In May 2015, President Michael R. Lovell and Provost Dan Myers issued a campus-wide charge to revise and revitalize the University Core of Common Studies in light of 21st-century pedagogical research and our continuing commitment to Jesuit higher education.

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