Community Engagement Symposium

Deepening Partnerships in Pursuit of Social Justice

Nov. 6, 2017, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Call for Proposals

The 2017 Marquette University Community Engagement Symposium seeks proposals for sessions or posters that illuminate best practices in cultivating “deep partnerships,” community-based research, and community-based learning pedagogies, in pursuit of social justice.

We welcome proposal submissions for one-hour sessions. We seek sessions focused on any and all topics that fit within the broad goal of advancing understanding of community-university partnerships, and the critical role they play in our city and our world, in elevating the amazing assets, and tackling the most pressing challenges of our various communities.

We are particularly interested in sessions that give participants the opportunity for learning and reflection in the following areas (please note that proposals can speak to all three areas):

  • Community-university partnerships in research, teaching, or service
  • Abundance within our community (community-based development/investment, prevention efforts, neighborhood-driven efforts, high impact practices, urban garden/food initiatives, etc.)
  • Responses to challenges within our community (youth violence, racism, segregation, poverty, homelessness, etc.)

We welcome sessions in the following formats:

  • Workshops – workshops will invite participants to actively partake in dialogue and exercises to advance their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic. Participants will expect a high level of engagement and active learning.
  • Presentations – presentations will provide attendees with an overview of a particularly effective research, teaching, or service partnership, and its impact. Formats could include panels, or lecture-style presentations.
  • New or Existing Opportunities/Coaltions – new opportunities/coalitions will provide attendees with information on new, or recently established local programs, organizations, or coalitions.
  • Posters - posters will describe the project, including who is involved, where it is located, and how it began. Following this overview, submissions will provide highlights/results of the project, including community impact, and/or research outcomes. Finally, posters will show next steps and/or future opportunities for collaboration, or new partnerships.

We welcome proposals representing work undertaken through community organizations, and public, private, two-year, four-year, and graduate colleges and universities, within the City of Milwaukee.

Notes for presenters

  • Proposal submission topics cannot be changed after the review and selection process.
  • No individual may appear in the program associated with more than two separate presentations.

Call for Proposals Timeline

  1. September 15, 2017 – Proposals due
  2. October 6, 2017 – Notification of acceptance; or, rejection

Submit a proposal

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Deepening Partnerships in Pursuit of Social Justice
Nov. 13, 2018
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Alumni Memorial Union
1442 W. Wisconsin Ave.


Daniel J. Bergen, Ph.D.
(414) 288-3033
Executive Director
Office of Community Engagement