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Our department sells departmental clothing to students. Do we need to charge sales tax?

Yes, sales of tangible personal property are taxable under Wisconsin law.

If the sales tax is included in the selling price, the formula to compute the amount of sales tax is:
(Selling price divided by 1.056) multiplied by .056

For example: if the selling price is $100 including tax, the tax portion of the total is calculated as ($100/1.056) x .056 = $5.30. This amount is the sales tax. The remaining $94.70 is the amount that goes to the departmental account. The example given may not be applicable for all instances, contact the Office of Tax and Compliance for further information.

The result of the formula is the sales tax amount to be put into account 01-09050-00000-2227 on the CRV. The difference between the calculated sales tax and the selling price is the amount to put into your departmental account.

We are holding a dinner, and the ticket price includes a donation to our scholarship fund. Is any of the ticket price subject to sales tax?

Yes, the amount of the ticket price that is payment for the dinner is subject to sales tax.

I am an international student who is starting a job on campus. Are there any additional forms I need to complete because I am an international student?

Yes. You need to complete the Foreign National Information Form and bring it to the Comptroller’s Office along with your:

All non-resident alien student workers must complete the FNIF. When you bring the documents to the Comptroller’s Office, we will check your visa status and country to determine if we can extend tax treaty benefits to you.

I am an international student and I need to file my U.S. tax return. What tax documents do I need to have before I can complete the return?

If you were not eligible for treaty benefits or did not take them for the tax year for which you are filing, all you need is your form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement issued to you by January 31 for wages earned the previous calendar year.

If you did take tax treaty benefits, you will receive a form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding, for the amount of your wages up to the treaty limit, issued to you by March 15 for the previous calendar year. If you earned more than the treaty limit amount, you will also receive a form W-2.

Our area is holding a fundraising raffle. Is the prize we award taxable income to the winner?

Yes, it is. Regardless of whether the prize is cash or merchandise, winnings are taxable income. If the winnings are greater than $600, Marquette is obligated to withhold and remit to the IRS federal tax of 25 percent of the cash winnings or prize value, as well as issue a form W2-G, Certain Gambling Winnings, to the winner before January 31 of the following year.

All winners should complete the Raffle Prize Tax Acknowledgement form PDF Icon. The taxes on winnings may be paid by the winner or department. Please contact the tax and compliance manager to discuss the impact and procedures for each case.

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