The percentage of people, especially women, who are sexually assaulted is a startling problem on college campuses, including Marquette. See the statistics for yourself.

These statistics suggest that many of us know someone who has been a victim of sexual assault. However, we can all be allies in stopping the harm to our friends, family and neighbors. One thing you can do is sign this pledge and spread knowledge and support. We all have the power and the voice to stop sexual assault and to help others know that they can too.

To help reduce the incidence of sexual assault, members of VOICE ask you to endorse this pledge. It's the perfect time to take a stand, because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). So, join VOICE efforts by signing this pledge and taking an active role in stopping sexual assault. Participant names will not be posted publicly but will be added to a tally of total pledges visible on this page.

Take the Pledge Against Violence

I will use respectful language and actions when talking to or about my partner, and when talking about sex and relationships in general.
I will respect the boundaries of my partner and will expect my partner to respect me and my boundaries.
I will talk with my friends about the importance of consent in all aspects of relationships.
I understand that if a person is intoxicated they cannot consent to sexual activity.
If I see someone taking advantage of a person who is intoxicated I will safely intervene.
I will promote and/or participate in community events that promote sexual assault awareness.
I will program the DPS/MPD emergency number into my phone or keep their information in my ID holder in case anyone needs them.
I will help my friends, classmates and family understand that regardless of what someone wears, how much they flirt or if they choose to drink, they do not deserve to be sexually assaulted.
If someone tells me they have been sexually assaulted I will believe them.

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