Fall 2013

Message From Dean Robert Deahl

The College of Professional Studies is off to a great start to the new academic year!

As we begin anew once again, I’d like to share the newly crafted Vision Statement that will be the masthead for our strategic planning efforts. This defines who we are and who we strive to be!

Marquette University aspires to be among the most innovative and accomplished Catholic and Jesuit universities in the world. We will reach beyond traditional academic boundaries and embrace new and collaborative methods of teaching, learning, research and service so that Marquette graduates will be problem-solvers and agents for change, ready in the spirit of St. Ignatius to ‘go and set the world on fire.’

I wish each of you new knowledge, adventure, insights, and a wealth of experiences!

Dean Robert Deahl






Upcoming Events

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College Advisory Council

The College of Professional Studies Advisory Council is comprised of Milwaukee area professionals who represent the nonprofit, corporate and community sectors.  “We look to the council to advocate on behalf of the college within the community, to offer advice, to send referrals to our programs, and to support and assist with events and other college activities,” says Dean Robert Deahl.  “The council also provides information to help keep the college curriculum up-to-date, innovative and valuable in the marketplace.”

The council began in 1997 under the direction of the first chairperson, Richard Teerlink, retired CEO and President of Harley Davidson Motor Company.  Subsequent chairpersons include David Murphy, now Vice President of the Office of Marketing and Communication at Marquette University, Rusty Borkin, formerly of Hanson Dodge Design, Jill Morin, past 3EO of Kahler Slater Architects, and Marge Combe who is now with Vernal Management Consultants as a Consultant/Coach. 

Two years ago the council shifted to a new model wherein smaller groups of council members work in teams on key strategic areas of the college such as curriculum trends, community engagement, marketing and recruitment, and alumni engagement.

Thank you to the 2013 advisory council members for their help and support: 


Mary Kolar Honored with the Janet M. Gottfreid Ignatian Person for Others Medal

After 18 years of service to the College of Professional Studies, Executive Administrative Assistant Mary Kolar retired on September 6.  In honor of her exceptional service to others in the college, Marquette University, and the community, Mary was chosen to be the inaugural recipient of the Janet M. Gottfreid Ignatian Person for Others Medal by the College of Professional Studies. The medal was conferred on Mary by Dean Robert Deahl as part of the ceremony at her retirement reception.

On February 22, 2013, Janet Gottfreid passed away after a four-year battle with cancer.  Janet graduated from the College of Professional Studies in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in organizations and leadership and professional communication, and she was the valedictorian of her class.  With over 30 years of service at Marquette University in various leadership roles and a wealth of community service, Janet lived out the ideals that the medal honors.   Her name will forever link the medal with the College of Professional Studies and what we expect of our students, graduates, faculty, staff, and friends.    

Both Janet Gottfreid and Mary Kolar are recognized for being a “person for others” by exemplifying the college and the University’s goal to transform the world through their faith, excellence, leadership and service.  "Mary Kolar is a wonderful first award recipient who embodied and now celebrates the tremendous spirit of Janet," says Dean Deahl. 

Mary Kolar

Mary Kolar (middle)
with Dean Robert Deahl
and Associate Dean
Sandra Cleveland




Alumni/Student Spotlights

Perchell Simmons
Lead Consultant, FedEx Office and Print Center
Bachelor's in Criminology and Law Studies '13 

Perchell Simmons Perchell started at Marquette University right out of high school in 2007 as a traditional student.  She transferred to Marquette’s College of Professional Studies due to the  flexible class scheduling that is a better fit with her work and personal life.  To help pay for her education, Perchell applied for and received federal Stafford loans, Pell grants and a study grant from the college. 

Since Perchell always dreamed of a career in the legal field, she decided to pursue a major in criminology and law studies.  “After working for one semester at COA Youth and Development as a service learning assignment, I learned that I really like working with kids.  I hope to continue on a path that will allow me to work with underprivileged youth,” says Perchell.

In 2008, Perchell started working at the FedEx Office and Print Center as a customer service representative, and received her first promotion to production operator and a second promotion to lead consultant.  In her current role, she is responsible for managing a team of six sales consultants as well as ensuring quality and cost-efficiency for both the customer and the center.  “Learning how to work as a team is a skill I acquired from the College of Professional Studies that has helped me advance in my career,” Perchell remarks.  “What I have learned from both Marquette University and FedEx Office will greatly benefit me on whatever career path I choose in the future.” 

Kristina Radan
Master's in Public Service '13

Kristina RadanAs a bilingual child who grew up in Austria and traveled internationally with her family, Kristina had the opportunity to learn how to speak five languages including Croatian, German, English, Spanish, and Latin.  At the age of six, her uncle introduced her to the sport of tennis, and she has been practicing and playing tournaments ever since.  When Kristina graduated from high school, she thought it would be a unique experience to study abroad and to continue playing tennis.  After choosing Marquette University based on the excellent academics, Jesuit mission and reputation, Kristina joined the Marquette women’s tennis team in the fall of 2011 and competed on the collegiate level until May 2012.  She has  enjoyed using her language skills and competing with her international teammates.

“I was very fortunate to receive a full athletic scholarship from Marquette University, which allowed me to enroll in graduate school,” Kristina says.  Since her goal is to serve and support people by working in the government sector, Kristina decided to earn a master’s degree in public service with a leadership specialization.  Her good work ethic and focus allowed her to balance school with tennis and leisure activities.  “The challenge to manage time and responsibilities was a valuable lesson for me, and I do believe that this ability will continue to help me throughout my professional and personal life,” she says. 

“I would like to continue my education by pursuing a similar Ph.D. major and eventually return to Europe as a highly qualified and experienced public servant who will strive to make a difference in many peoples’ lives,” Kristina remarks.  Marquette University, the College of Professional Studies and the Marquette family have been an incomprehensible learning experience.”  

David Angel
Student - Master's in Dispute Resolution

David Angel After earning his undergraduate degree and MBA, David Angel decided to go back to school to earn a master’s in dispute resolution to enhance his credentials and strengthen his conflict management capabilities. His interest in dispute resolution grew from his work at the University of Illinois with the Office of the Dean of Students.  “The Dean of Students helped to resolve conflict and violations of student conduct on campus, and I had the opportunity to experience elements of mediation, arbitration, and legal proceedings all in the same environment.  Between that and my MBA coursework, I was left wanting to know more about dispute resolution,” David says.

Using student loans to pay for his education, David has been able to attend school full-time and participate in activities that give back to society and enrich his own life, such as:    

David’s final student project surrounds decision and game theory research to develop an advanced board game with a medieval theme.  Eventually, he would like to market the game and consider tying it into his idea to start up a coffee shop/gaming store.  His ultimate career goal is to combine his interests in business, politics and dispute resolution.


Spring 2013 Graduation

Congratulations to 48 students who completed their undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates. These students were recognized during Marquette University's commencement and the college ceremony on May 19. For more information and photos, click here.


Spring 2013 Student Honors Convocation

The college recognized academic honors and accomplishments of students at Honors Convocation on April 17. For more information and photos, click here.


2012-13 Faculty Excellence in Service Awards

On June 6, Faculty Excellence in Service Awards were presented to two faculty members who were nominated by students and staff for their significant long-term contributions to the college and the greater community - Christine Harris Taylor (graduate faculty) and Michelle Masluk Wendt (undergraduate faculty). For more information and photos, click here.



To read about recent presentations, publications, awards, and other activities, click here.


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Information about our programs and financial aid options can be found on our website or individuals can contact recruitment coordinator Lori Kazaks via e-mail or at 414-288-7118.


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