"We take the message of community building to heart. The individuals and groups we work with are in seemingly intractable positions. Community building is important not only to our neighborhood leaders, but also our collaborators and our own organization. What makes the Project so unique is the storytelling, experiencing new tools, and inspiration for change."
- Participant

"My first impression of the Project was that it provides a set of organizing and facilitation tools. As I became more familiar with the Project, I came to see it as an opportunity for me to connect with the community in a way I had not thought of previously."
- Participant

"The organizing and facilitation tools of the Project, combined with exposure to a wide variety of people, associations and institutions, have allowed me to take on a very different perspective than I had a few years ago. I am on boards and active in several organizations. I have very broad social, educational and cultural interests. Prior to my involvement in the Project, I thought that I was well informed and well connected. However, since engaging in the Project, I have learned so much about grassroots initiatives that are truly making a difference in Milwaukee's quality of life for all people, but most importantly for individuals who might otherwise be discounted
or ignored."
- Participant

For further information, contact Robert Pavlik, Focalizer, at or 414-288-3886.



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