What We Do

The Project for Community Transformation works in conjunction with the College of Professional Studies to engage citizens, neighborhoods and organizations throughout Milwaukee in their reality, on their terms, and for their hopes. The project serves communities by creating...

  • Safe places for unheard voices, and sometimes conflicting voices, in the communities to hear about their hopes, challenges, questions, conflicts and fractures.

  • Gathering places for underrepresented groups to collaborate, cooperate and share their gifts and networks for transforming the communities.

  • Nourishing places for those involved in the work of transforming communities to find refreshment, renewal and encouragement for their work.

These places form in neighborhood centers, faith communities, corporate settings and grassroots associations throughout Milwaukee.

For further information, contact Robert Pavlik, Focalizer, at robert.pavlik@marquette.edu or 414-288-3886.




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