Alumni Testimonials

Graduates from the Future Milwaukee program find they have opportunities for new community leadership roles or to better serve in their current leadership role.

  • "The Future Milwaukee program was able to introduce me to a real leader who before the program was unable to stand out, challenge others and work through conflict in a healthy manner. That leader was ME. When I first entered the program I was very skeptical but every session was able to build on one another. Each guest leader brought their own style of working in our community in a collaborative way."
    - Antonio Avery, Class of 2014, Senior Program Manager, Junior Achievement

  • “As a newcomer or a native to this city, Future Milwaukee is a great way to establish your network and engage the community. I would recommend Future Milwaukee to anyone who is interested in making a difference in the City of Milwaukee. I learned from and engaged with more like-minded professionals than even LinkedIn could have offered. Future Milwaukee is about developing leaders and leadership skills.  You can implement Future Milwaukee leadership skills in all that you do.”
    - Brandon Culpepper, Class of 2014, CEO/President - Account Executive, PeppNation Sports Leadership Camps - WISN

  • "My personal experience in the Future Milwaukee program, as a person that struggles with the language and has lived in Milwaukee for only 4 ½ years, was very important for my development as a professional and a Milwaukee resident. I visited different places that I never knew existed and met amazing people with different styles and opinions. I went out of my bubble and saw the real world when I started to know the needs of my community. With this program I obtained knowledge, experience, colleagues, and friends!"
    - Lelitza Garcia, Class of 2014, Human Resources Assistant/Administrative Assistant, United Community Center

  • "I appreciated the self-reflection exercises within the Future Milwaukee program. This thoughtful approach has given me heightened self-awareness, which has prepared me to be an intuitive, compassionate, and effective leader. Through community connections and practical sessions, Future Milwaukee gives leaders the freedom and space to learn the essential skills needed to strengthen our city.”
    - Irissol Arce, Class of 2013, Strategic Philanthropy & Community Relations Program Officer, Northwestern Mutual Foundation  

  • "Future Milwaukee gave me the opportunity to develop and hone in on my leadership skills, all while discovering all the great resources and leadership that the city has to offer. Leadership can be found and achieved in many ways and Future Milwaukee helped me realize my leadership potential all while forging new connections and friendships."
    - Griselda Aldrete, Class of 2013, Executive Director, Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee  

  • “Future Milwaukee allowed me to develop my professional strengths and explore my weaknesses through working directly with organizations in the community.  In addition to forming lifelong networks with professionals from both for-profit and non-profit organizations, the program also gave me the opportunity to get to know many of the most important community-based programs and organizations making a difference in Southeast Wisconsin.  I believe Future Milwaukee helps equip Milwaukee professionals with the skills needed to transform the city for generations to come.”
    - Langston Verdin, Class of 2012, Out of Home Care, Education and Recruitment Program Supervisor, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services

  • "I am amazed and inspired by the knowledge of the Future Milwaukee speakers who are experts in their fields as well as my Future Milwaukee classmates who are the future leaders of Milwaukee. With thought-provoking group discussions and community project work, Future Milwaukee participants are incredibly engaged and connected to various
    organizations in the community."
    - Tami Scully Garrison, Class of 2011, Community Affairs Manager, MillerCoors

  • "When I entered Future Milwaukee, I had little experience in the nonprofit world and frankly, in the Milwaukee business community as a whole. While I am a lifetime resident of Milwaukee and worked for a for-profit company based in the Greater Milwaukee area, most of our clients were out of state. Future Milwaukee was a great way to learn about the critical issues the Milwaukee community is facing and to gain a much better understanding about the nonprofit community as a whole. I came out of the Future Milwaukee session with a renewed and much more positive outlook toward Milwaukee and I have a better understanding of the great opportunities Milwaukee has if we can properly leverage its incredible assets. By far the biggest benefit for me, even as a older program participant, was the wonderful network of friends I gained as a result of participating in Future Milwaukee. The class of 2010 is remarkable and I benefit from the relationships that developed on a daily basis."
    - Scott McFadden, Class of 2010, President/CEO, Lutheran Home and Harwood Place

  • "My experience with Future Milwaukee has given me a deeper appreciation of what is possible through passion driven by collaboration and relationships across sectors. With my Future Milwaukee projects I sat at the intersection of some of the most creative and innovative partnerships happening in Milwaukee."
    - Kate Lundeen, Class of 2010, Director of Admissions, Alverno College

  • "Future Milwaukee provided an opportunity for me to learn about the richness of this community. I have learned from my peers within the group about the ways that they give back to the community and the passion in which they do it. As a result, I am also inspired to live up to my capacity in giving back.”
    - Joan Donner, Class of 2009, HR Manager - Performance & Growth, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

  • "Through Future Milwaukee I found valuable connections and experiences that will allow me to make a meaningful difference in our city. The program also led to a job with TEMPO Milwaukee, an organization for women business leaders. Future Milwaukee broadens horizons and literally opens doors."
    - Tracy Johnson, Class of 2007, Executive Director, TEMPO Milwaukee

  • "It's our responsibility to get off the sidelines and get involved. Future Milwaukee not only helped me to get involved, it made me think about outside my community and my little box. More importantly, the program truly got me to think into the box of many in the greater Milwaukee area. This is our Milwaukee and Future Milwaukee is for those who want to make the community better."
    - Jeff Sherman, Class of 1998, President,

  • “Future Milwaukee helped me to put the whole picture together of being a board member, which helped me to become an effective board member.” – Jennifer Stearns, Class of 1999, Sr. Manager - Interactive Marketing Transformation, Accenture

  • “My Future Milwaukee experience helped me to build a network of volunteer leader friends. It also gave me an opportunity to learn more about the political arena, which led to my School Board election.”
    Jeanette Mitchell, Class of 1984, Program Manager, Cardinal Stritch University

  • "Future Milwaukee gave me a broader and longer view of many more issues than I otherwise would have had. I maintain relationships today that started in 1984, when I graduated from the class.”
    Sue Marks, Class of 1984, CEO, Cielo Talent
Drake Dettmann

Drake Dettmann

Future Milwaukee Class of 2012
Marketing Services Manager, Koss Corporation

"Future Milwaukee has opened my eyes to all of the various types of organizations in the Milwaukee area, and helped me cultivate great ideas that I can use professionally and personally. My Future Milwaukee experience will continue because I will apply the leadership skills I have gained to my future endeavors."


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