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Facilitating greater understanding of the challenges and paths to achieving transnational justice

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Center for Transnational Justice

In the new millennium, individuals, societal groups, nongovernmental organizations, governments, and international organizations all have intensified calls for justice. Some seek to address the legacies of past abuses while others envision a step towards the broader redistribution of rights, privileges, and obligations on a global scale. While few would deny that justice is a desirable goal, numerous interpretations exist concerning its meaning, the challenges it faces, and paths towards its realization. These contending interpretations become more extensive as one moves to economic, political, and social relations that extend beyond national borders.

Mission Statement

Established in the spring of 2004 as the Marquette Institute for Transnational Justice and renamed in December 2007, the Center seeks to facilitate greater understanding of the challenges and paths to achieving transnational justice. Marquette University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution with a global reach, committed to intellectual inquiry incorporating diverse faith-based and secular traditions to gain insights into how best to serve others. The Center for Transnational Justice builds on this tradition by organizing scholarly conferences and speaker series, and providing seed money and multidisciplinary networking opportunities for faculty and student research. The institute also works with departments and other institutes and centers at the university to facilitate course development.




The Center supports innovative scholarly inquiry into a wide array of issues of transnational justice with a particular focus on:

  • Migration: including immigration, refugee and asylum issues, migrant worker issues, forced migration and human trafficking, immigrant incorporation and exclusion
  • Economics, Politics, and Justice: including issues of hunger, environmental policy and practice, global economic crises, and development
  • Human Security: including issues of human rights challenges and protections, health care and pandemic diseases, and transnational crime



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