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CTJ Summer Faculty Fellowships

*MUCTJ Cosponsorship of the Marquette Summer Faculty Fellowship / Regular Research Grant Competition

In cooperation with the Marquette University Committee on Research, MUCTJ is cosponsoring up to two SFF each year. Applications are made through the regular SSF/RRG process.





*CTJ 2012 Summer Faculty Fellowship Competition

The Marquette University Center for Transnational Justice is offering one $12,000 summer faculty fellowship to an innovative, multidisciplinary proposal submitted by a faculty team from the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences.


The faculty teams must draw one expertise from any two of the following divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences: the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Each faculty member must hold a permanent tenure track appointment as full-time faculty in the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, be returning to Marquette for the next two academic years, and must have a terminal degree. All team members must play an active role in the project.  

The proposal must explore an issue of economic, political, or social justice that crosses national borders. Issue areas include but are not limited to human rights, migration and immigration, economic development, global trade and finance, responses to pandemic diseases, and climate change.


The summer faculty fellowship award consists of six weeks of summer salary support to be divided among the team members and is intended to serve as a seed grant to facilitate innovative multidisciplinary research. The winning team is expected to work during the summer of 2012 to further refine the project proposal and engage in the project’s initial research stages.

During the 2012-2013 Academic Year, the winning team, working with the Marquette Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, is required to submit a minimum of one external grant proposal based on the project. The winning team also will be required to present the preliminary results of their research efforts at a spring 2013 colloquium.

Application procedures

Arts and Sciences research teams seeking to apply for these grants must submit the following materials:


  • Cover Sheet: noting the title of the project, names and departments of the project team members, and contact information for the lead investigator.
  • Research Proposal: consisting of no more than five single-spaced pages using 12 point font. The proposal must contain: a clear discussion of the puzzle or problem the project seeks to address; a brief literature review that identifies the significance of the proposed research in light of existing scholarship; a discussion of research methods the project will employ; a draft research timeline; and a discussion of how each member’s expertise will facilitate the project One additional page is allowed for references.
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume: consisting of two to three pages for each team member.


Applications must be submitted electronically as PDF or WORD attachments and are due Friday, April 20, 2012. Send application materials to Dr. H. Richard Friman, Director, Center for Transnational Justice,

Fellowship winners will be notified by email on or before May 11, 2012.


No awards made



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