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Mr. Rick Karabon has been officially named the Simulation Laboratory Coordinator. This is a reflection of the devotion, hard work, and continued excellence he has displayed in taking care of the simulation laboratory, faculty, and the students who work there.



Publications in Peer reviewed Journals: 2013

Dr. Tanaka OM, Dr. Filho JB, Dr. Vitral RF, Dr. Bósio JA., Orthodontic treatment in an endodontically treated maxillary incisors.

Dr. Migliorati C, Hewson I, Lalla RV, Antunes HS, Estilo CL, HODGSON B, Fontana Lopes NN, Schubert MM, Bowen J, Elad S., Systematic review of laser and other light therapy for the management of oral mucositis in cancer patients.

Bradley TG, Changes in orthodontic treatment modalities in the past 20 years: exploring the link between technology and scientific evidence.

Okunseri C, Okunseri E, Chilmaza CA, Harunani S, Xiang Q, Szabo A., Racial and ethnic variations in waiting times for emergency department visits related to nontraumatic dental conditions in the United States.

Hjertstedt J, Barnes SL, Sjostedt JM., Investigating the impact of a community-based geriatric dentistry rotation on oral health literacy and oral hygiene of older adults.

Frenn M, Pruszynski JE, Felzer H, Zhang J, Authoritative feeding behaviors to reduce child BMI through online interventions.

Ninan E, Berzins DW., Torsion and bending properties of shape memory and superelastic nickel-titanium rotary instruments.

Albert C, Jameson J, Toth JM, Smith P, and Harris GF, Bone Properties by Nanoindentation in Mild and Severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Dentino A, Lee S, Mailhot J, Hefti AF, Principles of periodontology.

Bradley TG, Berzins DW, Valeri N, Pruszynski J, Eliades T, Katsaros C., An investigation into the mechanical and aesthetic properties of new generation coated nickel-titanium wires in the as-received state and after clinical use.

Okunseri C, Okunseri E, Chilmaza CA, Harunani S., Racial and ethnic variations in waiting times for emergency department visits related to nontraumatic dental conditions in the United States.

Bradley TG, Bosio JA, Grauer D., Residents' journal review.

Kulkami RN, Voglewede PA, Liu D., Mechanical vibration inhibits osteoclast formation by reducing dc-stamp receptor expression in osteoclast precursor cells.




Dr. Lisa Hoang (3rd year ) and Dr. Lessly Garza (2nd year) were awarded competitive grants from The Stanley D. Tylman Research Program that supports postdoctoral student research in fixed prosthodontics. Up to four grants are awarded each year and Marquette won two!



Dr. Aaron Cho will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Pre-doctoral Program Director for Prosthodontics and Biomaterials. And we recognize Dr. Aggarwal for his many contributions during his two years acting as the Director.




Dr. Paul Luepke has been appointed Chair of the Department of Surgical Sciences.h








Marquette University School of Dentistry d

hosted the annual Head Start Dental Day.

A team of more than two-hundred volunteers consisting of dental professionals as well as

dental and hygiene students will perform teeth cleanings for local preschoolers. Link to video -->








Dr. Gerald Ziebert was bestowed a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to theacp field of Prosthodontics by the Wisconsin section President of the American College of Prosthodontists