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Assistive Technology

Guidance for navigating D2L with JAWS screen reader software

The links below list downloadable software and other vendors that offer products to help students access class material.

Book Share

BookShare.Org is an online community that enables people with visual and other print disabilities to share scanned books.  This is a clearinghouse where readers can legally share their scanned books and download from its collection.  Click on the "Join" link to get started.

CAST Universal Design for Learning

CAST is a non-profit organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through the research and development of innovative, technology-based educational resources and strategies. Free Universal Design learning tools are available for students and educators.

Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific offers assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, have low vision or learning disabilities.

Learning Ally (Formerly RFB&D - Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic)

Learning Ally, a nonprofit volunteer organization, is the nation's educational library serving people who cannot effectively read standard print because of visual impairment, dyslexia or other physical disability. Learning Ally provides access to over 80,000 audio books. Paid membership required.

Natural Reader

NaturalReader Online is a text-to-speech web application with high quality premium voices for personal use only. Login from any computer to convert any written text such as MS Word, PDF files, non-DRM eBooks, and webpages into spoken natural sounding speech. Free and paid subscriptions available.






Our Mission

Marquette University's Office of Disability Services is dedicated to providing equal access within the classroom setting, through the determination of appropriate accommodations, for students with documented disabilities. ODS promotes accessibility awareness through collaboration with campus partners, the development of student self-advocacy, and through consultation with the broader community. Guided by the university's mission, we strive to support the Marquette community in their efforts to educate all students on campus.