Poster print requests may be submitted by Work Order or email. Posters are reviewed when they are received. Requests are either printed, rejected or replied to with an email request for modification. You may receive an email notification when your completed poster is ready for pick-up. Turnaround time is from one to four working days depending on the lab's workload. Please check the plotters in Engineering Hall DL121 to see if your poster is printed.

Include the following information in any communications:

  • Poster Title
  • Poster Size
  • Class Supported
  • Professor or Adviser

Other Notes

  • The default size for posters is 40"x30". Smaller or larger posters can also be accommodated. Contact the Discovery Learning Laboratory for details.
  • PowerPoint page setup allows the page dimensions to be defined with relative ease.
  • Make sure the attached file is less than 25 megabytes to allow for email delivery.
  • The Marquette University logo shall be used in accordance with university logo guidelines.
  • If you are having trouble with a 200-megabyte file, reduce all pictures in the file to 150-200dpi. The file size should shrink accordingly.
  • We do not accept disks or thumb drives because of the virus risks from portable media.

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About the lab

The Marquette Engineering program is design-focused and laboratory intensive. Many classroom and laboratory assignments are multidisciplinary and project-based. The Stan Jaskolski Discovery Learning Laboratory provides a fully equipped, on-site machine shop for design and production of prototypes, test fixtures or complex objects. It is a place where students explore the practical aspects of engineering.


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