Blood Alcohol Calculator

This page will allow you make a calculation for your BAC during a typical drinking occasion.

During a typical drinking occasion, how many alcoholic drinks do you consume?

Use the table below to determine the percentages for wine and beer, and the proof of various types of hard alcohol. In Step 3 consider the hours you spent from your first sip to when you stopped drinking.

Enter how many OUNCES of beer or wine you had and how many SHOTS of liquor you had. Be sure to put a check next to all the values you enter. A can of beer is usually 12 ounces and a glass of wine is usually 4 ounces. (Ex. 4 beers=48 ounces)

Select type of Alcohol

Regular Beer

Light Beer



Step 1

Are you male or Female?Male Female

Step 2

How much do you weigh? (pounds)

Step 3

How many hours have you been partying for? (hours)

Step 4

What have you been drinking tonight?
 Beer or Wine:


Be sure to place a check next to the ones you want to count!

Step 5

Get your BAC! 
Your BAC is:


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