October 20, 2014

Dear Marquette community,

Iím writing to inform you of difficult news involving a Marquette student, Jennifer Waters, who was involved in a serious accident last night while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. Jennifer is a junior in our College of Business Administration. According to witnesses, Jennifer, who was on her way to a religious service, reportedly fell and hit her head after being grazed by a car. She was immediately transported to a nearby hospital and is being treated for serious injuries.

We are working with Jenniferís parents to provide every available resource for them. They have asked our Marquette community to support Jennifer and their family in prayer during this difficult time. We are also providing counseling and pastoral resources for Jenniferís fellow students studying in Madrid. The safety and security of our students, whether studying abroad or on campus, is our top priority.

As a close campus community, an event like this one impacts each and every one of us in different ways. Remember that we have numerous resources on campus, including the Counseling Center, Residence Life and Student Affairs staff who are available to meet and talk with you as needed. Our Campus Ministry team offers daily Mass in the Joan of Arc Chapel at noon and the Chapel of the Holy Family in the AMU is available during the day for prayer. Rev. Ron Bieganowski, S.J., chaplain to the College of Business Administration, will preside at the 10 p.m. Mass in the Joan of Arc Chapel tonight, offering the Mass for Jenniferís healing. All are welcome. Please join me in sending your thoughts and prayers to Jennifer, her family and friends.


Dr. L. Christopher Miller
Vice President for Student Affairs

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