October 2, 2014

Dear parents,

As we approach the midpoint of the semester, I am writing to update you on important campus topics. While the start of the academic year brings much excitement and energy to our Marquette community, it also brings challenges. My commitment to you is to address these challenges head on.

First, know that we are proactively addressing the safety of our campus in the following ways:

As a community, we are all responsible for creating a campus environment that allows our students to flourish and be successful. We often stress the importance of making healthy decisions regarding alcohol with our students. I am asking that you have a direct conversation with your son or daughter about high-risk drinking since excess alcohol impacts a student’s ability to be safe, make good decisions and be self-aware. Marquette, like most campuses around the country, faces a very real student health and safety issue involving alcohol.

The reality is that the majority of our students make good decisions when it comes to alcohol. But the Department of Public Safety has also needed to respond to cases with students registering dangerously high blood-alcohol content levels. To address that, we are actively working to empower students through bystander intervention training so that they watch out for each other in situations that potentially put their peers in harm’s way. Further, students can now ask for help if one of their peers is intoxicated through our Good Samaritan policy. The reality is that unsafe drinking practices by even a few affect our entire community. Lastly, we offer students a variety of alcohol-free social programming, including our Late Night Marquette programs and individual residence hall programs.

We appreciate your willingness to talk with your son or daughter. The more we can engage our students in difficult conversations, the more we can learn how to respond to their needs. Please know that the university has alcohol policies in place based on the central and fundamental educational focus of the university to create an environment that fosters learning.

Together, we can continue to create a community and culture of student success and one that upholds our Catholic, Jesuit values of respect for oneself and one another. Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with me. Marquette is committed to caring for the whole person, and your input and support are so valued.

Dr. L. Christopher Miller
Vice President for Student Affairs

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