February 20, 2013

Dear Marquette Community:

Campus Ministry and Student Affairs has become aware that a group called “Disciples Today,” known to have used proselytization techniques in the past to recruit students, has recently been active on campus. While no complaints have been filed, if you, friends, or peers ever feel pressured by any group, Marquette sanctioned or not, we encourage you to consult with your parents, Campus Ministry staff, Student Affairs staff or Residence Life staff.

As a Catholic, Jesuit university, we firmly believe in the importance of religious faith along with doing all for the greater glory of God. In addition to numerous student organizations dedicated to faith promotion, Campus Ministry and Student Affairs support a diversity of organizations and programs to support students of all faith backgrounds.

As part of those efforts, Campus Ministry works with a group of affiliated ministers from different faith backgrounds to provide and review faith offerings and groups on campus. The focus of this group is to promote ecumenical work between Christian believers and support interfaith engagement and dialogue.

Key criteria for activities and programs are that they promote and affirm human dignity and respect the dignity of each person. Of particular concern are groups who proselytize, or attempt to influence a person’s faith convictions or commitments in ways that de-personalize or deprive them of their inherent value as person.

Some practices or techniques of proselytization:

For more information on Campus Ministry programs, visit their website. Additionally, UCLA offers a helpful website with information and reflection questions dealing with high-pressure engagement by religious groups.

Please contact us or a member of our staff at any time with any questions or concerns.

Mary Sue Callan-Farley
Director, Campus Ministry
Dr. L. Christopher Miller
Vice President for Student Affairs


Student Leadership Awards

Student leadership awards

The Division of Student Affairs presents leadership awards annually to recognize student contributions to the mission and activities of the various student affairs areas. Students are nominated by staff from the division and throughout the university and are selected by a committee representing each of the student affairs departments and Campus Ministry. Awards are presented at a program held each year in April. Read more about the student leadership awards.