Welcome to Marquette University. The Division of Student Affairs is happy to welcome you to our campus community. You will find Marquette a campus dedicated to high-quality education with opportunities for integrating academic and co-curricular experiences. The college experience provides not only formal education, but also time to explore and meet new people and to become a leader in your new community. We hope you will find value in the many enriching social, cultural and intellectual opportunities available here at Marquette. This is an exciting occasion for you to become a member of a unique community of learners. You will interact with excellent and diverse faculty, staff and students who will challenge you to achieve at the highest level. Education is an active and life long process. I encourage you to use your time here to pursue scholarly and student life activities. Engage actively in critical thinking and analysis in conjunction with campus social and cultural activities. Participate in student organizations and pursue student leadership opportunities. We look forward to supporting you and challenging you as you fulfill your academic dreams at this great institution. We know your campus experience will be fulfilling and rewarding.

Best wishes and every success to you,

L. Christopher Miller, J.D., Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs


Wellness Resources

Student Wellness

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