Broad Field Science Concentration Approved for Elementary Education Majors

Released: 2/9/10

The Marquette University Board of Undergraduate Studies has approved a new broad field science concentration for the College of Education. The concentration, which emphasizes scientific knowledge, methods, experimental design, laboratory skills and critical analysis, was designed in alignment with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Content Guidelines for science education.

At a time when the training of K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teachers is at the forefront of educational initiatives -- both locally and nationally -- the College of Education hopes that the broad field science option will help to address the urgent need for elementary/middle school science teachers by providing teacher licensure candidates with broad-based preparedness in biology, chemistry, and physics. Teachers will not only gain content area expertise to inform their teaching, they will also be well-equipped to engage elementary level students in authentic scientific exploration and realization of the significance and relevance of science in their lives.

"This new concentration will ensure that our elementary level teachers will enter the field well grounded in the sciences," says Dr. Kathleen Cepelka, Associate Dean and Director of Teacher Education. "It is a major step forward for the preparation of our teachers in STEM-related fields."

The new concentration will be available to elementary education majors beginning in Fall 2010. For more information about the requirements for the broad field science concentration, please contact Tina McNamara at

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