College of Education Celebrates the Class of 2012

Released: 5/21/12

The College of Education honored students at its annual graduation recognition event held on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at the Pabst Theater, 144 E. Wells St.

The afternoon program included an invocation by Father Douglas Leonhardt as well as a keynote address given by Dr. Tony Evers, Wisconsin State Superintendent.

Congratulations go out to each and every one of these new College of Education alumni for a job very well done!

Bachelor of Science Teacher Certification Candidates
(May and August, 2012)

Hannah Abullarade
Carl Anderson
Gillian Armstrong
Lisa Beltramello
Monica Berget
Brock Borga
Kelly Boylan
Jillian Braun
Megan Burns
Justine Cabaj
Whitney Christmas
Samuel Crawford
Lauren Daering
Kathryn Doyle
Katherine Ehrke
Anneliese Hahne
Justin Hofmann
Kayley Hyland
Patrick Idstein
Kathleen Javor

Michelle Johnson
Nora Kennelly
Kathleen Kiser
Sarah Lakowske
Grace Lilek
Kristen Lofstrom
Emily Lofy
Christopher Madsen
Lindsay Magliocco
Megan Magnuson
Emily McDonough
Peter Merkel
Maureen Mulligan
Anna Mumm
Irma Munoz
Allison Odders
Jillian Ogren
Katherine O'Hara
Danielle Owen
Callista Pappas

Rebecca Prill
Natalie Rasor
Anna Karissa Reyes
Kristin Rooney
Elizabeth Ryan
Philip Schmidt
Rachel Sobeck
Daniel Starr
Sheila Stormont
Lisa Stuebner
William Theobold
Lauren Thome
Grace Tynan
Laura Weber
Courtney Weibel
Kellie Wiesner
Allison Winberg
Claire Zagar
Carly Zarr

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Candidates

Patrick Bader (Elementary)Jean Ellman (Principal)

Ericka Johnson (Reading)Stephanie LaGue (Principal)

Jeff Mrochinski (Secondary)
ReShunda Stephens (Reading)

Master of Education Candidates, Educational Policy & Leadership
(January, May, June and August, 2012)

Kourtney Bauswell
Scott Boyce
Natalie Brandeis-Holzem
Ryan Brellenthin
Katherine Brown
Isral DeBruin
Joshua Ellis
Kirsten Ellison
Brett Elwell
Hart Ford
Kristen Graf
Daniel Hamrin

Amy Hettinger
John Janulis
Brianne Johnson
Mark Ketterhagen
Rachel Leih
James McLaughlin
Yvonne Medina
Amanda Mehr
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Mueller
Christina Rector
Stephanie Ryding

Curtis Sails, III
Sara Shaw
Christopher Sover
Gabrielle Steinbrenner
Rachel Streff
Mallory Umar
Kyra VandeBunte
Meghan Viens
Blake Ward
Julie West
Lynsy Yoder

Master of Arts Candidates, Counseling and School Counseling
(May and June, 2012)

Paul Boellner
Celina Dabrowski
Lindsey Dineen
Carolyn DuMez
John Fischer
Alicia Fleischmann
Jaimie Hauch
Kelly Inman

Weneaka Jones
Maureen Lewis
Carly Miller
Kimberly O'Brien
Mollie O'Brien
Rory Raasch
Jessica Scheunemann
Patrick Schultz

Johnathan Sumpter
Andrew Taube
Naree Thao
Jennifer Wagner
Walter Weigle, III
Stephanie Weist
Carolyn Wesolowski
Nicole Zimmerman

Master of Science Candidates, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
(May and June, 2012)

Melissa Behrens
Chandell Demera
Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn Kalvoda
Scott Lang
Gina Masulli

Andrew Ronquillo
Michael Scheuber
Melissa Wildt

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology
(August 2011, January 2012, and August 2012)

Joshua Dolan
“Treatment of Dual Diagnosis Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorders: a Meta-analysis” Dr. Timothy Melchert, Dissertation Committee Chair

Matthew Krug
“Development of the Self-efficacy for Medication Adherence - Buprenorphine (SEMA-B) Assessment” Dr. Timothy Melchert, Dissertation Committee Chair

Rebecca Mayor
“African American Men Facing Homelessness and Co-occurring Disorders: A Qualitative Investigation of Multiple Stigmas” Dr. Timothy Melchert, Dissertation Committee Chair

Marc Silva
“Relationship Between Psychiatric Diagnosis and Functional Outcome in Physical Therapy” Dr. Lisa Edwards, Dissertation Committee Member

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Educational Policy & Leadership
(May 2012)

Robyn Clarke
"Black Faculty Perceptions of Classroom Interactions with Students at a Predominantly White Institution" Dr. William Pink, Dissertation Committee Chair

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