Dr. Charles Payne Lecture Available Online

Released: 3/5/09

On Monday, March 2nd, Dr. Charles Payne delivered the Tommy G. Thompson Educational Reform Lecture at Marquette University. Payne's topic was “Urban Education Reform in the Age of Obama: What Can We Expect? What Should We Hope For?”

The College of Education is pleased to present the following video of his lecture for those who were unable to attend.

You will need the latest version of QuickTime to view this video.

Don't have QuickTime? Download the most recent version here.

Dr. Charles Payne, the Frank P. Hixon Professor in the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago, studies urban education and school reform, social inequality, social change and modern African American history. He has authored several books, including "So Much Reform, So Little Change" and "Teach Freedom: The African American Tradition of Education For Liberation." He was founding director of the Urban Education Project in Orange, N.J. He has taught at Southern University, Williams College, Northwestern University and Duke University. Payne holds a bachelor’s degree in Afro-American studies from Syracuse University and a doctorate in sociology from Northwestern.


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