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Subject of Research: Qualitative Research Publication Process

Brief Description: This study will involve the analysis and coding of research methods within specific articles. This will be a detail-intensive process.

Brief Description/Abstract: The literature has noted that Latina women experience intimate partner violence (IPV; Villavicencio, 2008; González-Guarda, Peragallo, Vasquez, Urrutia, & Mitrani, 2009) at comparable and higher rates to women of other racial/ethnic backgrounds (Black et al., 2011; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2011). Data also shows that Latinas experience various negative outcomes associated with IPV (Caetano & Cunradi, 2003; Krishnan, Hilbert, & VanLeeuwen, 2001; Brown et al., 2003), yet, left largely unexplored are the subsequent dating and/or romantic relationships of Latinas after experiencing partner abuse. However, research indicates the importance of romantic interpersonal relationships and that adolescence is a critical time for establishing interpersonal patterns as well as concepts of self (Makepeace, 1986; Lerner & Galambos, 1998; Glass, 2003). The little research that has examined subsequent relationships among IPV survivors has shown that women often desire and actually go on to have non-violent relationships (Neufstifter, 2009; Taylor, 2004), however, no literature has explored this among Latinas. Therefore, the purpose of the proposed study is to explore how adolescent IPV influences subsequent dating experiences among Latinas. This dissertation proposal will review pertinent literature on IPV, particularly concerning Latinas as well as discuss the method to be used for the proposed qualitative study.

Subject/Title of Research: Masculinity + Depression

Brief Description: Interview transcription, reference editing, possible involvement with qualitative analysis

  • Starting: Spring 2014 semester
  • Time Commitment: Flexible
  • Assistant Duties: Interview transcription, reference editing, possible involvement with qualitative analysis
  • Prerequisites/Previous Experience Required: Talk to me about it.
  • Contact:

Title of Research: Episcopal Seminarians' Experience of Singing in an Episcopal Seminary Choir

Brief Description: A team of MU researchers will be intervewing Episcopal seminarians at Nashotah House Seminary about how their singing in an Episcopal seminary choir informs their religious and vocational development.

Great way to learn a bit about the research process, especially one of the main qualitative methods used in counseling psychology

· Will get an insider’s view of how an interview works

· Good way to get research experience that can be included on your vita . . . and if thinking about pursuing a doctorate, such experience will be essential

· Can do the transcription on your own schedule and in your own home, as long as can maintain confidentiality

· Topic of this study: How Episcopal seminarians’ experiences of singing in an Episcopal seminary choir affect their religious and vocational development

· Process:

o Interview will be emailed to transcriber via

o Have two weeks to complete transcript

o Email completed transcript to Knox; delete interview file when Knox confirms receipt of transcript

o Can certainly do more than 1 transcript if wish

  • Starting: Spring 2014 semester - March
  • Time Commitment: Flexible
  • Assistant Duties: Interview transcription. Electronic versions will be given to transcribers, who then have 2 weeks to complete the transcription. This project would provide students a great way you "get inside" a phenomenon, and to learn a bit about qualitative research method (consensual qualitative research).
  • Prerequisites/Previous Experience Required: No previous research experience is required.


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