Scott A. Beardsley, Ph.D.

Scott A. Beardsley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office: Engineering Hall, 309

Research interests

Professional preparation

Postdoc. 2001-2005, Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
Ph.D., 2001, Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
B.S., 1995, Physics and Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Selected recent publications

Liebenthal E., Sabri M., Beardsley S. A., Mangalathu J., Desai A. "Neural dynamics of phonological processing in the dorsal auditory stream," J. Neurosci., 33(39):15414-15424, 2013.

Mangalathu, J., Beardsley, S. A., Liebenthal, E. "Within-subject joint independent component analysis of simultaneous fMRI / ERP in an auditory oddball paradigm," Neuroimage, 60 (4), 2247-57, 2012.

Calabro, F. J., Beardsley, S. A., Vaina, L. M. "Different motion cues are used to estimate time-to-arrival for frontoparallel and looming trajectories," Vision Research, 51 (23-24), 2378-2385, 2011.

Beardsley, S. A., Sikoglu, E. M., Hecht, H., Vaina, L. M. "Global flow impacts time-to-passage judgments based on local motion cues," Vision Research, 51, 1880-1887, 2011.

Herzfeld, D. J., Beardsley, S. A. "Improved multi-unit decoding at the brain-machine interface using population temporal linear filtering," Journal of Neural Engineering, 7 (4), 11 pages, 2010.

Current Grants

Beardsley, Scott A (Principal), Voglewede, Philip A (Co-Principal), "An omnidirectional platform for locomotion through virtual environments," Sponsored by College of Engineering, Marquette University. (October 25, 2011 - Present).

Beardsley, Scott A (Principal), Liebenthal, Einat (Co-Principal), "Assessment of coupling between mass neural activity and the hemodynamic response in humans," Sponsored by CTSI - Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin. (April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014).



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