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Among the fastest-growing areas with important applications in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is that of computer mapping or geographic information systems. GIS first developed as a way to quickly produce, store and display large amounts of geographic data. Today, however, GIS' are increasingly interacting with other software to model natural processes, social and economic trends, transportation networks, and anything dependent, at least in part, on geography.

A course in GIS, CEEN 5310, is offered every spring by the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. The topics covered by the course include: fundamentals of GIS, databases, data management, map projections, representation of spatial attributes, GIS analysis and GIS software systems such as ARC Info, ARC View, Grass. GIS use and expanded capabilities are also taught. Case studies including environmental, transportation and economic applications are discussed in the course as well. Students use the computers in the GIS lab extensively for this course as hands-on experience is emphasized. Class projects from spring of 2000 included the use of GIS to plan routes efficiently for building inspection work, an economic analysis to determine the best suitable location for a shopping mall, and a model of the impact of traffic pollution on water quality in a local river. Graduate students use the lab for research primarily in environmental engineering applications such as hydrologic modeling (modeling the flow and quality of water in the environment).

GIS computer lab: Computers located in Haggerty 354 have the GIS program ARC View installed including extensions spatial analyst, network analyst, as well as several original extensions useful for Environmental Engineering applications developed here at Marquette. The GIS program ARC Info is also available for use.


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