Mehrdad Niknam

Mehrdad Niknam, Ph.D. Student

Mehrdad is currently a second-year doctoral student in the department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. His research intent is mainly focused on studying the computer applications in construction. He is currently working on achieving semantic interoperability among AEC/FM Knowledge Domains. He was recently invited to present his research at FIATECH for their 2013 annual conference.  They solicited abstracts from all PhD students in construction engineering and management around the country and selected a few students that are doing very promising research. Being chosen to speak at this conference is a very high honor for a graduate student, congratulations Mehrdad!

Mehrdad graduated with his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Amirkabir University of Technology, the first technical university of Iran (Tehran Polytechnic). Mehrdad was honored to receive scholarship from the university which covered his undergraduate and graduate studies expenses. In his Master’s thesis, he developed a time-cost optimization program that could take into account different possible schedules of a project and select the option with minimum cost and duration. He used Genetic Algorithms for this purpose.

Mehrdad realized that he enjoys math and physics in high school. Engineering in particular drew him in because it applies science in the real life to create something of value. He hopes that his research in computer science will improve the world of construction engineering. After he graduates with his Ph.D., Niknam is interested in becoming a faculty member (possibly at Marquette!) and continuing his research in the construction field.

May 2013


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