Dr. Robert H. Bishop
Dr. Robert H. Bishop
OPUS Dean of the College of Engineering


Prospective Students, Students, Alumni, and Friends of Marquette:

I am so greatly honored to serve as the dean of the Marquette University College of Engineering.

Every day I am proud to witness more than a thousand Marquette engineering students work diligently with endless energy to become not just good engineers, but people preparing their lives for service to others. Students learning how to discover the next biomedical breakthrough that will facilitate a medical treatment, or the latest leap in electrical and computer engineering that further improves our quality of life. Students learning how to solve critical problems with water or wastewater for generations to come, or surpass the hurdles to make a product or process faster, smaller, stronger, better.

My unstinting goal is to continue to build the legacy of this college as a great college of engineering... a unique college of engineering that focuses equally on both mind and soul.

We will continue to rise well above the norm through an outstanding faculty, focused first and foremost on students, as well as through a growing portfolio of world-class research. We will continue to prepare men and women to be this century's well-rounded leaders in technology and innovation. We will continue to make the Marquette engineering degree a special key to doorways of great opportunity.

If you are considering Marquette, come join the family. It is truly special. If you are an alumni or friend of the university, get re-involved with your college of engineering. There are so many ways... and so much to accomplish. If you are a student, need I say more? You know what a treasure you have.

Robert H. Bishop, Ph.D.
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