S. Scott Goldsborough, Ph.D.

S. Scott Goldsborough, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Office: Cramer 135J
E-mail: scott.goldsborough

Phone: (414) 288-6641
FAX: (414) 288-7790

Research interests

Selected recent publications

Goldsborough, S.S., “A chemical kinetically based ignition delay correlation for iso-octane covering a wide range of conditions including the NTC region,” Combustion and Flame, Vol.156, pp.1248-1262, 2009.

Goldsborough, S.S., “On the rate of heat release for high boost, low temperature combustion schemes: assessing compressibility effects,” Combustion Science & Technology, Vol.181, No.5, pp.1-27, 2009.

M.V. Johnson, G.S. Zhu, S.K. Aggarwal, S.S. Goldsborough, “Droplet evaporation characteristics due to wet compression under RCM conditions,” accepted by International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, October, 2009.

Johnson, M.V., Goldsborough, S.S., Larkin, E., O’Malley, G., Serinyel, Z., O’Toole, P. and Curran, H.J., “A shock tube study of n- and iso-propanol,” accepted by Energy and Fuels,October, 2009.

Goldsborough, S.S., “A crevice blow-by model for a Rapid Compression Expansion Machine used for chemical kinetic (HCCI) studies,” SAE 2007 Transactions, Journal of Engines, Vol.116, No.3, pp.632-651, 2007.



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