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Academic censure and dismissal policy

Academic progress

The College of Engineering is dedicated to providing all students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree programs in a timely manner. Students who make satisfactory progress can complete a degree in four years. To make satisfactory progress toward the degree, students must complete the necessary number of hours and also maintain good academic standing.

Good academic standing

Good academic standing requires continual progress toward the completion of the degree program. Such progress includes, but is not limited to:

Students whose GPA in any given semester falls below a 2.000 will be sent a letter of concern from the college's associate dean for academic affairs. This letter will indicate the nature of the concern and provide suggestions for actions the student should strongly consider in an effort to address academic difficulties.

Academic probation

Students whose GPA fall below 2.000 for two successive semesters or who fail to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree program will be placed on academic probation for the next semester they register for classes. Academic probation is the process the college uses to ensure that students are given a realistic set of goals to achieve to bring them into good academic standing.

Students who are placed on probation are typically enrolled in and attend classes under special conditions. The student is limited to a maximum enrollment of 15 hours (in some cases, fewer hours may be prescribed by the college). For part-time students, individual judgment will be applied by the college. One course withdrawal (W) is permitted. The student must avoid excessive absences and must earn a grade of C or better in every other course. Most important, the student is expected to return to good academic standing within one semester. Students on probation who fail to attain good academic standing, or make appropriate progress, may be subject to withdrawal for academic reasons. Student appeals of the college decision for academic withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the associate dean for academic affairs within the time specified in the notice of withdrawal letter.

The role of the adviser is to assist the probation student in identifying and remedying the causes of the student's academic problems. Monthly meetings with the student's academic adviser to review progress during the semester are expected. Nonetheless, students bear the responsibility for their return to good academic standing.


The College of Engineering monitors the progress of all of its students in an effort to provide advise and guidance that will result in the completion of the student's program in a reasonable period of time. Students who fail to make appropriate progress toward the completion of their degree program may be placed on academic probation. Students who fail to meet the terms of their probation may be withdrawn from the college for academic reasons. Students may appeal imposed academic censure through the associate dean for academic affairs of the college.


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