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Graduate Courses for Undergraduates

Under limited circumstances, a student may be given permission to enroll in a graduate course for undergraduate credit.

An undergraduate senior may, with the permission of the department and college, register for a 5000- or 6000-level graduate course if the student has a B (3.00) or better average and the current program allows for involvement in graduate-level work. To register for a graduate course, the undergraduate student must complete the permission to enroll in a graduate course form, available from the Graduate School office or here: permission to enroll in a graduate course formPDF icon.

All signatures required on the form must be obtained before submitting the form to the college office. Upon final approval, the department will issue a permission number to facilitate student registration via CheckMarq. An undergraduate student who enrolls in an upper-division (5000-level) course with the intention of earning graduate credit that might, subsequently, be transferred to a graduate program must complete the permission to enroll in a graduate course form following the above instructions. The course cannot be taken under the CR/NC option.

If the graduate course is used to fill an undergraduate requirement (elective), then it cannot be used to fill a graduate requirement at a future date unless the student is enrolled in a five-year dual B.S./M.S. degree program.

If the graduate course is taken as an undergraduate overload, the student may petition the Graduate School to use the course at a later date as graduate credit provided the student is admitted to the Graduate School.


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