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Military activtation

When a student informs the College of Engineering general oiffice of his or her military activation, the college will forward a memo or e-mail to the offices of the Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar providing the student's name, social security number, date of withdrawal (if that option is made) and any other pertinent information (e.g., copy of military orders, if possible).

Students called to active military duty

The following policy has been approved by the Office of the Provost and the business office regarding the activation of students to serve on active military service:

  1. Up to the midterm of a semester — a grade of W will be assigned for all courses being taken and a full tuition refund will be made. A note will be included on the transcript to indicate the reason for the W grades.
  2. Between the midterm and the last day to withdraw with a W grade — W grades will be assigned, no tuition refund will be made but student will be permitted to retake the course upon return to Marquette from military service without a tuition charge.
  3. During the last two weeks of the semester:
    1. With the consent of the instructor and the student, letter grades could be assigned based on the student's performance in the courses.
    2. A second option based on the judgment of the instructor and agreed to by the student, X or I grades could be assigned. The student would then have to complete these courses during the first semester after returning to Marquette from military service to receive a grade. No refund will be made. The student could also decide upon returning to Marquette to retake the entire course without tuition charge.
    3. The final option would be to assign W grades with no refund given. The student would be permitted to retake the courses upon returning to Marquette without a tuition charge.

The student has the responsibility of contacting the college office to inform it of the situation (and, if possible, the length of time that he/she will be gone). Because the student will ordinarily have only 24-48 hours to complete arrangements before reporting for duty, it will be the responsibility of the college office to ensure that the student's instructors, the bursar, the registra, and the Office of Student Financial Aid are informed about the grade/refund decision in each individual case.

If there are questions regarding these procedures, contact the registrar's office.


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