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Degree requirements

All engineering students must successfully complete the curriculum prescribed in the bulletin by the college at the time they are admitted or readmitted as degree candidates. This includes the completion of the minimum degree hours specified for the degree program they are pursuing, all required courses and an approved elective program, a C (2.000) average in all Marquette credits applied toward the degree, and a C (2.000) average in all College of Engineering courses. The last 32 hours of course work taken at Marquette must include at least 15 hours in the major or the required department courses shown in the senior year of the catalog showcase curriculum, whichever is greater.

What follows are conditions that apply under special circumstances:

  1. If all degree credit is earned in continuous study in engineering at Marquette, the fulfillment of all degree requirements is normally straightforward. Students making an intercollege curriculum change will have credits earned in a previous curriculum allocated to the new curriculum by the associate dean for academic affairs in consultation with the department chair.
  2. Students who are readmitted to their program after an absence of two or more consecutive semesters are obliged to follow the curriculum in effect at the time of readmission or, more directly, they must complete the courses prescribed by their department at the time of readmission. Normally, this will be defined in concert with the department chairman or undergraduate director. Previous credits earned will be allocated in the current degree requirement as fully as possible.
  3. Transfer students coming into engineering degree programs will have their previous credits evaluated and applied toward the specific engineering degree they are pursuing, at the time of admission.
  4. A student may elect to repeat courses at Marquette using one of two methods as described in the repeating courses policy statement.
    • The most commonly used method is that of the substitute repeat facility. Under this facility, the repeated course grade will be used in the computation of the GPA. The first grade will be deleted from the GPA.
    • Under the ordinary repeat facility, if a student repeats a course and earns a second grade, both grades are calculated into the student GPA. The repeated credits earned, however, do not count in the degree total. That is, students only receive degree credit for a given course once.
    Students should be aware of both procedures but particularly aware of the substitute repeat facility. It may be in a student's best interest to engage this privilege rather than suffer the punitive consequences of a low grade. These consequences can be in loss of college standing; loss of eligibility for financial aid, including scholarships and grants; and others.
  5. CR/NC grades do not effect the student's GPAs, only degree hours earned. The same rule generally applies to credit added through advanced placement programs and CLEP exams unless a grade is authorized and accepted by the student. Complete details on the CR/NC option.
  6. Any variation from standard degree requirements must be accompanied by approved curriculum substitution and/or allowance forms available in the college office.


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