Rehabilitation centers and labs

Falk Neurorehabilitation Engineering Research Center

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at offers more than 5,000 square feet of research space in its Neurorehabilitation Engineering Research Center. This center serves research and development activities in neurorehabilitation, investigating optimal intervention strategies for movement therapy. R&D activities range from basic science (e.g., neuromuscular adaptive mechanisms) to the development and evaluation of innovative therapeutic intervention strategies. Integral to the FNERC are three laboratories run by Marquette biomedical engineering core faculty:

  1. Neurorobotic and Neuroevaluation Laboratories Dr. Robert Scheidt
  2. Integrative Neural Engineering & Rehabilitation LaboratoryDr. Brian Schmit
  3. Telemonitoring and Teletherapy Laboratory — Dr. Jack Winters

These labs offer force platforms, EMGs, motion tracking systems, robotic manipulators, a CyberGlove, telehealth technology, and numerous instruments and sensors for measuring and assessing human motor and sensory performance. Target populations are stroke and spinal cord injury and, to a lesser extent, cerebral palsy and autism.

We are also a member of the Midwest Rehabilitation Network (funded by a R24 grant from NIH, centered at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago), which also focuses on neurorehabilitation.

Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering Center

OREC website

  1. Human Motion Analysis Laboratory
    Dr. Gerald Harris

    The human motion analysis laboratory, located at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is designed to support a broad range of clinical and research-oriented projects. Clinically, it is structured to evaluate adult, foot and ankle, pediatric, sports medicine, and total joint patients during ambulation and other activities. Educational opportunities for students are provided through clinical research project participation and interaction with medical residents. Numerous technical development projects are supported through close collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Marquette. A full-time engineer and a half-time graduate research fellow from Marquette staff the laboratory.

    The resources provided through the Human Motion Analysis Laboratory include a testing area and an examination/preparation area. The Human Motion Analysis Laboratory clinically evaluates between two and five patients per week. Equipment includes seven motion analysis cameras, two force plates, a PC-based motion analysis work station, a 10-channel EMG system, a foot insole pressure measurement system, PCs for data analysis and motion analysis software.
  2. Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory
    Dr. Mei Wang, director

    This lab is designed and maintained to support basic science and applied research projects in orthopaedic biomechanics. Research methods often encompass in-vitro experiments, mechanical testing and computer modeling.
  3. Biomaterials Laboratory
    Dr. Jeffrey Toth

    This lab complex, directed by Dr. Jeffrey Toth with facilities on both campuses, supports basic science, clinical research and research training in the areas of tissue engineering, bone grafts and substitutes, ceramic biomaterials, and histology.


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