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Biomechanics Major

The biomechanics track includes rigorous education in mechanical engineering within the interdisciplinary framework of the curriculum. This includes courses in materials, metallurgy, thermodynamics, fluids, transport phenomena and design. This curriculum, which includes courses in electrical circuits and computers, supports interests focused on biomechanics and biomaterials. Senior year, the curriculum features intensive biomedical instrumentation design and computer laboratories emphasizing modern experimental applications. In addition, the senior year capstone design course places the student on a multidisciplinary team to solve an actual industrial design problem.

Biomechanics curriculum- For Students Starting Fall 2011 or After

For course descriptions and official bulletin information please consult:
Marquette University Bulletin


First semester Second semester
Intro to Biomedical Engineering
Methods 1
Intro to Biomedical Engineering
Methods 2
Biology 1 Biology 2
Calculus 1 Calculus 2 for Biomedical Engineering
General Physics w/Calculus 1 General Physics w/Calculus 2
Rhetoric and Composition 1 Rhetoric and Composition 2


First semester Second semester
Principles of Biological Investigation Materials Science
Chemistry 1 Chemistry 2
Statics Dynamics
Differential Equations for Biomedical Engineering Statistics for Biomedical Engineering
Professional Development for Engineers Biomedical Circuits and Electronics
Computing for Biomedical Engineers 1 Core Elective


First semester Second semester
Signals and Systems for Biomedical Engineering Feedback and Control of Physiological Systems
Mechanics of Materials Systems Physiology
Thermodynamics Computer Applications in Biomedical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Elective Biomedical Engineering Elective
Intro to Theology Core Elective
Core Elective  


First semester Second semester
Principles of Design Senior Design Project
Biomedical Instrumentation Design Transport Phenomena for Biomedical Engineers
Biomechanics Design Lab 1 Biomechanics Design Lab 2
Biomedical Engineering Elective Biomedical Engineering Elective
Philosophy of Human Nature Theory of Ethics
Theology Elective  

For more detailed information regarding curriculum, please reference the biomedical engineering majors in the Marquette University Bulletin.


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