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The College of Engineering Co-operative Education Program was one of the nation's first and is one of its most renowned. Established in 1919, the Co-op Program integrates classroom work with practical industrial experience. Students combine semesters of school with semesters of employment for at least three alternating work terms once they have completed their sophomore year.

Meet Sam, a Co-op student

The work is related to some phase of the field of study in which students are engaged and is often diversified to afford a wide range of experience. The objective is balanced training, combining the science of engineering with communications and team-building skills during the early years of professional development.

Student participants have said the program clarifies career goals, applies classroom theory to real-life situations, and provides a source of current and future income. This year, the salary for students entering their first co-op work term ranges from $2,400/month to $3400-plus/month. Upon graduation, many of the corporations hire their co-op students because of their work experience.

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Undergraduate Employment Programs
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