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Resume Critique Rubric
Engineering Co-op Program

One rubric should be completed for each resume reviewed.

Please fill out the entire rubric; fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Upon submit, you should be directed to a thank-you page assuming all required fields have been filled out. The co-op administrative team and the student will receive the feedback via email.


Student Contact Information (taken from resume)

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Student's Major at Marquette University


Contact Information

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Name and current address
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Contact Information Comments


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Highest level of education listed first (Marquette University)
Included school name, city, graduation year or anticipated graduation date
Listed degrees, minors, and/or concentrations
Included Cumulative GPA
Listed relevant academic awards, honors, scholarships (optional)
Included Study Abroad Programs (optional)

Education Comments


Yes / No  
Listed title, company, city, state, and dates of employment
Included classroom projects and leadership positions formatted same as employment experience
Listed results and scope of job/project (accomplishment statements)
Provided numbers, data, specifics and achievements in experience statements
Used powerful action verbs
Emphasized skills and accomplishments relevant to the field of engineering
Did not use company jargon; no undefined acronyms

Experience Comments

Professional Activities/Associations/Interests

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Included relevant student groups, professional affiliations and activities with dates
Included hobbies or interests to show well-rounded character
Listed leadership roles and/or accomplishments

Professional Activities/Associations/Interests Comments

Visual Appeal

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Font size and style is appropriate and easy to read
Section headings and bullets are consistently lined up and spaced
Margins are not too narrow
White space does not consume more than 25% of page
Text formatting makes important items stand out (bold, underline, italics, bullets)
Section headings, spacing, indentations make it easy to scan resume in 15 seconds

Visual Appeal Comments

Organization and Layout

Yes / No  
Resume is one page
Included most relevant and compelling experiences first
Used bullet points (lists), not complete sentences to describe experiences

Organization and Layout Comments


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No Typos
No grammatical errors
No Periods
Limited or no use of "I, me, my"

Overall Comments

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For questions regarding this form please contact:

Laura Lindemann
College of Engineering Industry Relations
Marquette University


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