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I have been offered a Co-op position - Now What?

Before beginning your first co-op work term you must:

  1. Notify Ms. Lindemann and Ms. Cromell that you’ve been offered a co-op position (,
  2. Make an appointment with Ms. Pamela Cromell ( to receive advising about registering for your co-op work terms and grading credits, financial aid, etc., and sign your co-op forms.

After you have met with Ms. Cromell you will continue to complete academic advising. Your academic advisor may change once you have accepted a co-op job.


To be completed at the end of your work term

Employer Evaluation Form: To be completed by your supervisor immediately prior to completion of your work term. This form is electronic and can be found here.

Work Exit Report: To be completed by you prior to the completion of your work term. This form is electronic and can be found here.

Once these forms have been submitted you will be assigned one Co-op credit and a satisfactory grade for your work term.

General Information

Co-op program course schedule, junior and senior years
Please take time to study your schedule. This is the schedule you will follow until you graduate.

As a Co-op student you are covered by your parents’ insurance. However, if at any time you should need a form signed or a letter verifying your full-time status (i.e.: from your parents’ insurance company), please contact the Co-op Office with the following information:

FASFA Financial Aid Forms
Although you’ll be co-oping on alternating semesters for three years, please remember to continue to complete your FAFSA forms each year!

To maximize scholarship, the co-op student should work with financial aid to determine in which semesters aid should be distributed. If it is determined that it is in the student's best interest to receive prorated aid in the summer term, the student must fill out an application for summer financial aid (this usually occurs in March).



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